customized electric rebar thread cutting machine

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 Product Parameters

Model JB40 Rated Power 4.5KW
Suitable for Rebar Diameter 16-40mm Electrics(customizable) 3-380V 50Hz or others
Max Thread Length 100mm Rotated Speed 40r/min
Cutting Thread Angle 60° Machine Weight 450kg
Chaser Thread Pitch(customizable 2.0P for 16mm;2.5P for 18,20, 22mm;3.0P for 25,28,32mm;3.5P for 36,40mm Machine Dimension 1170*710*1140mm

Working Principle

Hydraulic steel bar cutter is a newly developed high-precision hydraulic cutting tool. It has the characteristics of convenient carrying, beautiful appearance, high cutting efficiency and small stress area. It is an ideal tool for buildings, factories, mines and other units, and is deeply loved by the majority of users. When shearing steel, first turn off the oil circuit switch, pull the movable handle to make the plunger and pump work, make the oil pressure push the large piston to push the blade, and cut off the material (do not continue to pressurize, otherwise the parts will be damaged). Materials such as stainless steel shall not be sheared by this method.

Operation method

(1) The worktable for receiving and delivering materials shall be kept horizontal with the lower part of the cutter, and the length of the worktable can be determined according to the length of the processed materials. (2) Before starting, check and confirm that the cutter has no cracks, the bolt of the tool holder is fastened and the protective cover is firm. Then rotate the pulley by hand, check the gear meshing clearance and adjust the cutter clearance. (3) After start-up, it shall be idled first, and the operation can be carried out only after checking that all transmission parts and bearings operate normally. (4) Do not cut materials when the machine does not reach the normal speed. When cutting materials, the middle and lower parts of the cutter shall be used, the reinforcement shall be tightly grasped, aligned with the edge and put into operation quickly. The operator shall stand on the side of the fixed blade and press the reinforcement with force to prevent the end of the reinforcement from popping out and hurting people. It is strictly forbidden to hold the reinforcement on both sides of the blade with two hands and bend over to feed. (5) It is not allowed to shear the reinforcement whose diameter and strength exceed that specified on the mechanical nameplate and the red burning reinforcement. When cutting more than one reinforcement at a time, the total cross-sectional area shall be within the specified range. (6) When shearing low alloy steel, the high hardness cutter shall be replaced, and the shearing diameter shall comply with the provisions of the mechanical nameplate. (7) When cutting short materials, the distance between the hand and the cutter shall be kept at more than 150mm. If the hand holding end is less than 400mm, the short head of the reinforcement shall be pressed or clamped with a sleeve or clamp. (8) During operation, it is forbidden to directly remove the broken ends and sundries near the cutter by hand. Non operators shall not stay around the steel bar swing and the cutter. (9) In case of abnormal mechanical operation, abnormal sound or skewed cutter, stop the machine immediately for maintenance. (10) After operation, cut off the power supply, remove the sundries in the cutter room with a steel brush, and clean and lubricate the whole machine.

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