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Product Paramenters:




Bending rebar diameter  18-32 mm 16-40 mm
Bend radius ≥150mm ≥300mm
Bending speed 20m/min 20m/min
Motor model Y100L2-4 Y112M2-4
Voltage 3-380V-50HZ 3-380V-50HZ
Motor Power 4.0KW 4.0KW
Spindle Speed 1440r/min 1440r/min
Weight(kg) 360 600
Dimension(mm) 900*780*800 1180*1000*880

Products Description:

The series of rebar arc bending machine is our company designed special equipment for large-scale construction projects, bridges, tunnels, culverts, power stations and subway projects etc. The series of products is easy to operate, convenient to maintain, high efficiency and speed, accurate arc, and one-time molding. The utility model relates to a steel bar bending machine, which belongs to the improvement of the structure of a steel bar bending machine. The utility model comprises a reducer, a big gear, a small gear and a curved disk surface, which is characterized in that in the structure: a two-stage braking motor is directly connected with the reducer for one-stage deceleration; The small gear and the big gear mesh and cooperate for two-stage reduction; The big gear always drives the curved disk surface to rotate; The curved disk surface is provided with a central shaft hole and a plurality of curved shaft holes; A plurality of positioning shaft holes are respectively arranged on the positioning square bar of the worktable. Because the two-stage braking motor and reducer are directly connected for one-stage deceleration, the ratio of input and output revolutions is accurate, the bending speed is stable and accurate, and the electric automatic control can be used to change the speed, and the brake can ensure the bending angle. Use the forward and reverse rotation of the motor to bend the reinforcement in two directions. The central shaft can be replaced for easy maintenance. Intelligent control can be adopted  1

Safety requirements

Safety requirements for manual bending: 1. When bending the thick steel bar with the cross opening wrench, pay attention to the key points of operation, stand firmly with your heels, stand in a bow step with your feet, set up the board, pay attention to the board saw, clamp the steel bar at the plate opening, and bend slowly without excessive force to prevent the board from falling off and people from being thrown down. 2. It is not allowed to bend the thick reinforcement at height or on the scaffold to avoid falling from height due to pulling off during operation. Safety requirements for mechanical bending: 1. Before the formal operation of the machine, check all parts of the machine and conduct no-load test run. The formal operation can be carried out only after it is normal. 2. Pay attention during operation and be familiar with the rotation direction of the work. The reinforcement shall be placed in coordination with the rotation direction of the retaining frame and the work plate, and shall not be placed reversely. 3. During operation, the reinforcement must be placed in the middle and lower part of the plug. It is strictly prohibited to bend the reinforcement with super section size. The rotation direction must be accurate, and the distance between the hand and the plug shall not be less than 200mm. 4. During the operation of the machine, refueling and cleaning are not allowed, and it is strictly prohibited to replace the mandrel, pin and change the angle.

Matters needing attention

1. During operation, insert one end of the reinforcement to be bent into the gap provided for fixing the rotary table, and fix the other end close to the machine body and press it by hand. Check that the machine body is fixed and installed on the side blocking the reinforcement. 2. During the operation, it is strictly prohibited to replace the mandrel, change the angle and speed regulation, or add oil or remove it. 3. When bending reinforcement, it is strictly prohibited to process reinforcement exceeding the diameter, number and mechanical speed specified by the machine. 4. When bending high hardness or low alloy reinforcement, the maximum limited diameter shall be changed according to the provisions of the mechanical nameplate, and the corresponding core shall be replaced. Characteristics of Rebar Arc Bending Machine: 22

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